Come experience the iconic 25 km Run Comfy Numb coursearguably one of the most beautiful point-to-point races in British Columbia or challenge yourself with our 50km ultra distance. The 50k includes a 25k out-n-back on fast and flowy terrain before joining the Comfortable Numb trail.

Run Comfy Numb is consistently an instant favourite amongst trail runners. Don’t miss out on this classic race in its 20th anniversary year for the 25k.


I have created what I call the ‘Run Anything’ Preparation Training Plan (below) which is 8 weeks long and will either take you through winter or get you ready for race specific plan.

No strings attached. You can simply download the plan below for free and start today (or Monday, but why wait for Monday? unless it is of course Monday. Start now).

The plan will lay the foundations (developing your aerobic system and allowing your soft tissue to develop the resilience they need to handle the demands we want to place upon them) for running Run Comfy Numb or any other event or adventures you may be thinking of.

Get your Free Copy below and make sure you grab the training notes too.

We have a special 20th Anniversary design by Andy Gimson. Your race swag will be a custom 5 panel run cap rocking the this design. 

We will also have a limited quantity of 20th Anniversary t-shirts and run socks for purchase during registration. We will have a small amount for sale at race packet pick up and race day. * The image below is the back of the t-shirt. 

Contact the Race Director for any information you cannot find on this site: [email protected]